Donate Food to People

Donating unused food to other people can help Vermonters achieve a variety of goals - ideally, statewide hunger can be reduced, businesses can save money, and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, simply by donating food to other people rather than throwing it in our trash cans. Of course, not all unused food is appropriate for human consumption. When considering donating food to people, ensure that:

  • Food is safe and nutritious. If you wouldn’t eat it yourself, donating it to other people is probably not the best food waste solution. Consider donating it for animal consumption, composting, or other energy reclamation methods such as anaerobic digestors or biofuel creation. 
  • Food has been prepared and stored safely. Follow all food-safety practices for handling, preparing, cooking, and storing. 
  • You are familair with laws that protect businesses who donate food. Review the Good Samritan Food Donation Act and tax benefits that go along with food donation. 

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