As of July 1, 2020, all food scraps and other organics are banned from the landfill, including those from schools.

Educating your students about reducing your food waste & composting is the first step schools can take, along with composting on-site or hauling!

  • Educate your students & staff about reducing your food waste, and composting. We have a great page called “Curriculum, Presentations and Printables” that features helpful tools on how to integrate food waste reduction and composting into your school curriculum.
  • Build a compost bin at your school! This can be a great learning opportunity for students to learn how to compost as well. Check out our page “Compost Bin Construction and Management” to explore your options. Or think of installing an in-vessel compost tumbler, check out this webinar to learn more. 
  • Separate your food waste into collection carts/dumpsters that haulers can pick up and bring to composting facilities, farms & digesters. Find a hauler in your area!