Case Study: The Farm Between

Materials & Methods

Highfields’ role in this project was to provide educational materials and trainings, as well as compost technical advice and food scrap collection materials. Specifically, HCC provided 32 gallon totes to accommodate all food scrap generators, an electric power washer to clean the totes, a composting thermometer and guard, 8 pounds of California Red Wigglers (Eisena fetida) as a starter population, soil saver worm bins, and educational and promotional materials to use with food scrap generators. Highfields also provided compost recipe development, compost systems management support, and training in servicing and educating food scrap generators. For schools, Highfields provided direct trainings for all students, using our new school training curriculum and video.

The outdoor multi-bin compost system at the Farm Between. The Farm Between’s primary responsibilities for this project were to ready their site for food scrap collection and to haul and process the material. In addition, The Farm Between trained area businesses on food scrap separation and they will continue to provide customer service to all businesses and schools. In preparation for food scraps, they built wood pallet bins for thermophilic composting and overwintering bins for the vermicompost system. The Farm Between also provided compost system and site development work, labor and transport for hauling and composting food waste, and data on the amounts of food waste collected and compost generated.

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